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Winter 2017 NATIONAL WILS Newsletter.WINTER 2017



I am excited to announce the 2016 Helen I. Pontius National Award of Merit recipient, Eileen Lohner Turk from the Delta Chapter. Eileen will receive her award at the National Board Meeting on September 21st in Chicago. Please see attached announcement and flyer which tells Eileen’s story.

 A tidbit of info: Eileen had met Jan Hincapie from the Chicago area at a NRPA conference and started the conversation about the value of Women In Leisure Services. With Eileen’s enthusiasm and love for WILS, Jan was hooked. This is the Chi story, our newest chapter, to serve the Chicago area women.

 Eileen we are all so very happy and proud of you!


Eileen Lohner Turk_2016 HIP Award Winner Flyer